Past events

2022, Apr 13. University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles CA (via satellite).

2022, Apr 06. AAEC 3314 – Environmental Law class, Blacksburg, VA.

2022, Apr 05. Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario (via satellite).

2022, Mar 22. Interpublic Group: World Water Day event with Goldman awardee and Flint whistleblower LeeAnne Walters (via satellite).

2022, Mar 01. Georgetown University, Washington DC.

2022, Feb 14: St. Lawrence University, Canton NY.

2022, Feb 10: University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA (via satellite).

2022, Feb 07: Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ.

2022, Jan 31: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo CA.

2021, Nov 15: Episcopal High School, Alexandria VA (via satellite).

2021, Nov 9: AWWA Water Quality and Technology Conference, Tacoma WA.

2021, Nov 9: IWA Emerging Leaders Water Forum (via satellite).

2021, Sep 27: New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark NJ.

2021, Sep 2: CE 597 – Disasters and Emergencies, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN (via satellite).

2021, Sep 2: ENSC 3604 – Fundamentals of Environmental Science, Blacksburg VA.

2021, Aug 25: ACS National Meeting Fall 2021, Atlanta GA (via satellite).

2021, May 17: Stanford University, Stanford CA (via satellite).

2021, Apr 8: Western Washington University (Toxicology and Societies Speaker Series), Bellingham WA (via satellite).

2021, Mar 5: University of Houston, Houston TX (via satellite).

2021, Feb 26: Chapman University, Orange CA (via satellite).

2021, Jan 13: T.C. William High School, Alexandria City Public Schools, Alexandria VA (via satellite).

2020, Dec 9: AWWA Virtual Summit on Water Quality and Infrastructure 2020 (via satellite).

2020, Nov 12: Heterodox Environmental Engineering and Science (HxEES) Meet-and-Greet and Perverse Incentives Talk (via satellite; HxEES members only).

2020, Oct 27: Water: Access, Supply, and Sustainability, Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology, Kansas City, MO (via satellite).

2020, Oct 19: Open Access Week 2020, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA (via satellite).

2020, Sep 24: Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India (via satellite).

2020, Sep 15: Freddie Mac (via satellite).

2020, Jul 28: (Organizer and Moderator) HxEES Webinar: Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic: Evidence-based Approaches from Environmental Engineers (via satellite).

2020, Mar 9: George Walton Academy, Macon, GA

2020, Mar 5: University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

2020, Feb 25: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

2020, Feb 17: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

2020, Feb 11-13: Virginia Tech/Virginia Department of Health “Math for Groundwater Systems”, Richmond VA

2019, Nov 21: ENSC 3604 – Fundamentals of Environmental Science, Blacksburg VA

2019, Nov 20: Virginia Department of Health CPE Water Broadcast, Blacksburg VA

2019, Oct 11: Citizen Science and Water Quality 101 workshop, UNC Water and Health conference, Chapel Hill NC

2019, Sep 27: ENGR 1014 Engineering Research Seminar course, Virginia Tech (>330 freshmen)

2019, Sep 19: Academies of Loudoun, AP Environmental Science class and Environmental Club, Leesburg VA (via Skype)

2019, Aug 21: Science Museum of Virginia (Lunch Break Science series), Richmond VA

2019, Jun 7: NSF USPRISM: U.S.-Scotland Program for Research on Integration of Renewable Energy Resources and Smart Grid, Blacksburg VA

2019, Jun 4-7: U.S.-Jordan Conference on “Innovative and Transformation Ideas to Improve the Development and Policy Response to Forced Displacement” on the Syrian refugee crisis, Blacksburg VA

2019, Jun 3-5: Virginia Tech/Virginia Department of Health “Math for Groundwater Systems”, Roanoke VA

2019, Apr 25: Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia (via satellite)

2018, Dec 5: Tufts University, Medford, MA

2018, Dec 4: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

2018, Oct 15-17: Virginia Tech/Virginia Department of Health “Contaminants of Concern”, Richmond VA

2018, Oct 3: Engaged Scholarship Consortium, Minneapolis, MN

2018, Sep 20: Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

2018, Jun 12-14: Graduate School Conference, Blacksburg, VA

2018, May 3: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

2018, Apr 23: Science on Tap (Rising Silo Brewery), Blacksburg, VA

2018, Apr 19-20: Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

2018, Apr 7: Kids’ Tech University (250 kids; 9-12 yo.), Blacksburg, VA

2018, Apr 2-3: Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Chandler, AZ

2017, Nov 30: ENGE 1215 Fundamentals of Engineering Freshman Class (VT), Blacksburg, VA

2017, Nov 15: Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA

2017, Nov 15: The Collegiate School, Richmond, VA

2017, Oct 6: University of Maryland College Park (“Engineering for Social Change), College Park, MD

2017, Sep 20: AIHA/ASSE Fall Technical Conference, Denver, CO

2017, Jul 20: Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, VA

2017, Jul 14: Virginia Governor’s School of Agriculture, Blacksburg, VA

2017, Apr 26: James T McComas Staff Leadership Seminar, Blacksburg, VA

2017, Apr 18: VT Graduate Academy of Teaching Excellence (GrATE) “Valuing Knowledge”, Blacksburg, VA

2017, Mar 22: Salem City School (8th graders), Blacksburg, VA

2017, Feb 16-20: AAAS Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

2017, Jan 24: Fulbright Argentina Student Exchange Program, Blacksburg, VA

2017, Jan 16: Television Critics Association (TCA) Hollywood Press Tour, Langham Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, CA

2016, Nov 25: World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

2016, Nov 23: E.U. Safewater Conference, Zurich, Switzerland

2016, Nov 10: TED Talk, Blacksburg, VA

2016, Nov 18-19: University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

2016, Nov 15: WGBH Green Media Innovation IdeaLab, Cambridge, MA

2016, Oct 30: New Horizons in Science, Science Writers Conference 2016, San Antonio, TX

2016, Oct 28: SA Science presents Science Writers Workshop, San Antonio, TX

2016, Oct 24: For The Public Good (Forum on Open Access in Science), Blacksburg, VA

2016, Sep 21: The Potpourri Club, Blacksburg, VA

2016, Sep 20: Roanoke Valley Governor’s School, Blacksburg, VA

2016, Sep 12-15: VA AWWA/VWEA WaterJAM 2016 Keynote, Virginia Beach, VA

2016, Aug 09: President’s NCR Leadership Council, Blacksburg, VA

2016, Jul 19: Virginia Governor’s School of Agriculture STEM/Flint Panel, Blacksburg, VA

2016, Jun 09-11: [Keynote Panel] Harvard University/MIT ComSciCon 2016, Cambridge, MA

2016, Apr 27: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH

2016, Apr 21: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

2016, Apr 15: Virginia Professional Communicators, Winchester, VA

2016, Apr 09: Virginia Young Democrats Convention, Blacksburg, VA

2016, Apr 08: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Webinar)

2016, Feb 25: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Environmental Journalism Class/Skype)

2016, Feb 22: University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley Water Group/Skype)

2016, Feb 09: Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

2016, Jan 28: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

2015, Dec 03: Sacred Poverty Research Symposium, Blacksburg, VA

2015, Nov 12: Ohio AWWA Safe Drinking Water Act Seminar, Columbus, OH

2015, Nov 06: Smith College “Engineering For All” Class, Skype

2015, Oct 26-30: UNC Water and Health Conference, Chapel Hill, NC

2015, Feb 15: College of Dairy Science and Food Technology Foundation Day, Sardarkrushinagar, India

Last updated: April 2022