TED Talk

TED. 2017. Science in service to the public good on TED.com

Columns and Op-Eds

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American Scientist. 2021. Who dares to speak up? An interview with Tuskegee whistleblower Peter Buxtun

International Water Association. 2020. *What can we learn from misinformation on scientific matters in the water space?*↗

Undark. 2020. From Sewage Sludge, a New Perspective on the Flint Water Crisis

CNN. 2019. Flint water crisis shows the danger of a scientific dark age

Books (French). 2018. Intègres comme des coureurs du Tour de France

Aeon. 2018. Science is a public good in peril – here’s how to fix it

OpFlow. 2017. Write Consumer Confidence Reports Customers Can Understand

American Scientist. 2017. The Hand-in-Hand Spread of Mistrust and Misinformation in Flint

The Conversation. 2016. We helped uncover a public health crisis in Flint, but learned there are costs to doing good science

Science Documentaries and Hollywood Movies

PBS® NOVA® ‘Poisoned Water’↗ (winner of the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award) now streaming on Netflix↗

Virginia Tech documentary ‘Cicero’↗

FLINT↗ (TV movie streaming on Hulu; factual inaccurate but somewhat entertaining)

As Executive Producer

The Public-inspired Science Podcast iTunes↗

The US Water Study documentary series (w/ LA-based documentarian Erica Corder). forthcoming.

As Research Website Creator/Curator

The US Water Study Team Visit↗

Flint Water Study Visit↗ (1M+ web traffic; Read a paper on my public engagement via Twitter)

As Organizer/Moderator

Webinar “Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic: Evidence based Approaches from Environmental Engineers” for Heterodox Academy YouTube↗

As Documentarian/Videographer

Flint Water Study - A visual ode to environmental engineers Watch↗ (2nd Prize: AEESP National Video Competition 2015-16)

Water sampling in Flint, Mich.↗ and California public schools↗

MacArthur Foundation 100&Change grant proposal video↗

Last updated: June 21, 2021